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Street Fighter
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Sakura, probably one of my favorite characters of the SFA series at the moment. Chun and Cammy will always rule over her but she just too cute not to pass up (NFS, Trade up only)
Ken Masters from the Alpha OAV mini series.  Got this one at AX2000 (NFS, trade only)

-Street Fighter Alpha OAV-

-Street Fighter Alpha OAV-
Street Fighter 2 American TV Series. Granted, the US cartoon version sucked like a mutha...  but its still Cammy and Chun-li ^_^  and I love 'em both no matter what. (NFS, trade yes -Oversized-)
-Street Fighter "US" series-
Cammy, Chun Li
-Street Fighter Movie-
-Street Fighter Alpha OAV-
-Street Fighter Movie-
-Street Fighter Movie-
-Street Fighter Movie-